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Train with the SPART® Agility Hex Rings:

  • PERFORMANCE MEETS VERSATILITY: Introduce a touch of versatility to speed and agility training with Unlimited Potential’s hexagon footwork rings. These 20” wide training hexagons can be used as regular rings, attached together to create hurdles, or arranged to form a hexagon ladder.
  • SIMPLE TO ASSEMBLE: Our hexagon ring set comes with connector clips that are designed to click into place much easier than others. Switch between training drills that much faster with the most innovatively crafted hexagonal agility rings.
  • DESIGNED TO LAST: No more dealing with agility footwork rings that easily break with a simple step. We’ve used ultra-durable PP plastic to create hexagon training rings tough enough to handle countless sessions and withstand the inevitable stomps and kicks.


  • Improve acceleration, lateral speed and change of direction
  • Enhance balance, rhythm and body control
  • Move slower to warm up before a workout and faster to maximize conditioning
  • Features 6 or 12 RIngs design for extensive stepping
  • Recommended for training for baseball, soccer, football, etc.


Agility Hex Rings

$39.99 Regular Price
$29.99Sale Price
  • Set of 6 or 12 Rings

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