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Train with the SPART® Agility Ladder, a 15' or 30' flat-rung agility ladder, and make major strides improving your acceleration and lateral speed, while enhancing balance, rhythm and body control. Use it to move slow and warm up before a workout, or to move fast and maximize conditioning. The 10-rung/20-rung design is the perfect tool whether you're training for weight loss, or improving your athletic skill in your favorite sport.


  • Evenly-spaced rungs
  • Improve acceleration, lateral speed and change of direction
  • Enhance balance, rhythm and body control
  • Move slower to warm up before a workout and faster to maximize conditioning
  • Features 10-rung or 20-rung design for extensive stepping
  • Space between rungs measures 15”/30"
  • “Sidebars” made of durable nylon straps
  • Recommended for training for baseball, soccer, football, etc.


Agility Ladder