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  • HEAVY DUTY- Constructed of steel with a rugged, powder-coated finish to withstand constant use.
  • SPACE SAVER- Stores all bumper plate sizes in a concentrated area to allow a clean and organized home or commercial gym. Plates stand vertically in each slot to avoid a safety hazard of plates left all over the gym floor.
  • PLATE STORAGE- Features 16 vertical slots to easily store plates of different sizes. 10 taller slots for bumper plates (2 each measuring 1.5”, 2.25”, 2.75”, 3.25”, and 4.25”) and 6 short slots for change plates (2 each measuring 1.25”, 1.5”, and 1.6”).
  • PORTABLE- Can easily be moved around the gym using the foam padded handle and high-impact wheels at the back. Low-profile, lightweight design ensures easy mobility. Can move up to 250 lb worth of plates at once.
  • ADDITIONAL- Measures 53.75” long, 13.5” wide, and 10.75” at its highest. It is recommended that no more than 250 lb worth of plates are transported with the BH-16 at once. Meant for home, box, and light-commercial use.


SKU: WL5002
  • Compact storage by SPART for up to 16 plates

    Weight : 40lbs


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