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Add style and functionality to your SPART Power Rack with our Bar Holder. An easy-to-use, convenient accessory that allows you to store a barbell on the exterior of your Rig. Compatible with all Body-Solid barbells and most third-party bars, Fits most of the bars.


The Brazilian Rope System One Drum (Pro) is a cost-effective tool that incorporates multiple, rope-based exercises into your functional training system. You can do way more than just pulling exercises! True to PurMotion's core principles, all of the 5 basic human movements can be performed with this system - pulling, pushing, locomotion, level changes, and rotation. To accommodate multiple grip options, handles or slings can be attached to the rope with the help of our exclusive Prusik Rope attachment. Each rope guide's height is adjustable, so the user can vary location as needed. The Brazilian Rope System One Drum is available in two different mounting options: Brazilian Rope System One Drum Mountable Brazilian Rope System Two Drum Adjustable Rope is NOT included - sold seperately

Dip Horn

  • Can be attached to all spart rigs - Check Out SPART Racks

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