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Weight capacity: 500lbs

Mounting: This suspension trainer can be fastened to a door, wrapped around a horizontal bar, or even wrapped around a tree limb or a power rack.

Anchor points: The suspension trainer with a single anchor point , both handles are attached to a central location, it can limit the types of exercises you can perform. 

Extension straps: If you need to mount your suspension trainer at a higher point, you will need an extension strap or two, depending on if you have a single anchor point or two.

Materials: The suspension trainer is made of durable nylon for the straps and metal for the nonslip buckles. The model feature carabiners to allow you to quickly secure the apparatus.

The handles are comfortable and easy to grip and have integrated foot loops so you can more easily perform a wider variety of exercises. 

Portability: If you’ll be traveling with your suspension trainer, you can easily carry the kit with you.


GOFLO Suspension Trainer

$199.00 Regular Price
$99.99Sale Price

    • Door anchor attachment

    • Additional Outdoor anchor strap – which allows you to wrap it around any object such as a sturdy tree, a park bench, park ,gym bar,etc.


    • Band Base - with ability to change the band length.


    • Handles - 2 Hand Grips from silicone material which is very comfortable to hold.

    • Harness - 2 black body harness, that connects to feet and shoulders and very comfortable to use.

    • Backpack Bag -  for you to carry your GoFlo Trainer.

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