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  • INCLUDED: Two plates. With rapidly changing technology, why buy old school bumpers when you can own a set of technologically advanced SPART bumpers that are specially engineered for dropping. Rubber, by its very nature, is tough and durable. All products made from rubber have a distinct smell. The smell will generally dissipate over time; however, some individuals are more sensitive to the odor.
  • 2-Inch Barbell Grip Plates

  • PRECISION TOOLED: The precision tooled and polished commercial stainless-steel 2 inch inserts allow the plates to slide freely on the bar.   An Olympic bar with 16.5-inch sleeves will hold 10 (ten) 45 lb. plates and collars with room to spare.
  • 3-YEAR HOME WARRANTY: Cosmetic damage is not covered by warranty.
  • PURCHASE WITH CONFIDENCE: Premium all-natural virgin rubber gives the bumper a slim profile and dead bounce. SPART bumpers are a trusted brand found in homes, schools and gyms across the world.

Rubber Bumper Plates with Metal Ring


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