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SPART Modular crossrig which provides a dedicated space for countless functional training exercises. Monkey bars are great for developing shoulder and arm strength. It is possible to attach any bodyweight training device, such as climbing ropes, rings, for unique workout options. Or you can provide it with battle ropes, benches barbells and plates, wall ball targets, elastic bands, plyo platform and many more accessories for unmeasureable training options.


* Safety Posts

* Horn Bar Attachments

* 4 Plates Pegs

* J-Hock Pair

* 5 Side Ropes Attachments 

* Step Attachment

* Landmine Attachment

* Medicine Ball Trampoline

* Pair of Safety Straps

* 2 Wall Ball Targets

Available in Additional Colors and Sizes.

SPART Crossfit Rig - ST1001

Color: Orange
  • Size:  27.2ft X 7.6ft X 12.1ft

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