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SPART Flat Bench

Resistant and versatile bench for full body workout. Equipped with frontal handle and wheels on the back, can be easily moved without having to pick it up completely. Very comfortable thanks to its 2.5" thick backrest.

Ships fully assembled and offers a needed antidote to the wobbly flat benches and unwieldy FID weight benches routinely imported by the big box stores. While easy to maneuver at just 40 pounds, the Flat Utility Bench is also heavy-duty enough for a tank to sit on it. So no matter the size of the athlete or the intensity of the workout, you've got a rock solid foundation underneath you.

Maximum Load Capacity - 2000lbs



120cm / 47"


61cm / 24"


46cm / 18"

SPART Flat Bench

$299.99 Regular Price
$249.99Sale Price
  • Size : 47"X24"X18"

    Weight : 40lbs

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