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This amazing storage rack is expandable to any length and shape and is available in 2 tier and 3 tier, to fulflil all storage needs in one system.
Fully adaptable and expandable in length, size and trays to store medballs, kettlebells, dumbbells and plates. Additional wheel can help to move it easily.


* The price mentioned is for 2  stands, without shelfs.


Pricing is Calculated by the following factors :

  •  Length ( Number of Stands ) - The standart storage rack comes with 2 stands in sizes 50",

        Each Additional Stand is additional $100

  • Wheels on the Stands - Each Wheels set is additional $30
  • Number of Shelfs and Their Types
  1. Accessories Shelf - Perfect for accessories such as resistance bands, and small fitness accessories - Each Shelf is Additional $100
  2. Kettlebells Shelf - Perfect for all types of kettlebells - Each shelf is additional $160
  3. Balls Shelf - Perfect for all types of Medicine Balls / Slam Balls - Each shelf is additional $100
  4. Dumbbells Shelf - Perfect for all types of Dumbbells - Each shelf is additional $200
  5. Bumper Plates Sheld - Perfect for all types of Bumper Plates - Each Shelf is Additional $150
  • Optional Side Attachment such as Plates Sleeve - Each Plate Sleeve is additional $25


For modular storage rack order, please contact us by email , so we can help you create the perfect storage unit for your needs -

SPART Modular Storage Rack - ST1017

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