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SPART® Power Chute is Ideal to increase speed, resistance, explosiveness and acceleration, improving the 2 key elements of speed: stride length and frequency.

Chute opens during training runs to create a resistance and the velcro belt allows for mid-stride release for overspeed training. Includes adjustable belt withstorage pocket.


  • USAGE - SPART® Power chute allows you to focus on acceleration and top end speed through progressive resistance and overspeed training. The Speed Chute features a quick-release buckle for that mid-stride, “shot-out-of-the-cannon” sensation.
  • RESISTANCE - SPART® Power Chute Resistance Parachute offers 25 pounds of drag, challenging you to push forward.
  • DURABLE - SPART® Power Chute is a heavy duty parachute, comprised of durable, stitched nylon. This chute will withstand even the most intense workouts.

SPART Parachute

  • 6" , 12" , 18"

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