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Extremely stable structure to support the hardiest athlete. It is possible to perform any exercise over there, such as presses, lifts, squats. Moreover, it can be used with the optional bumper plate toaster rack for tidy storage and easy selection of bumper plates.


Attachments included with the rack:

  • Dip Horn Attachment
  • Metal Step Attachment
  • Pulley Lat Down Attachment
  • Safety Posts
  • Plates Holders
  • Punching Bag Holder Attachment
  • Landmine Attachment for Barbell
  • Brazilian 1 Drum Attachment for Battle Rope


Weight - 700lbs

SPART Advanced Power Rack - ST1003

$3,999.99 Regular Price
$3,499.99Sale Price
  • Length : 89"

    Width : 92"

    Height : 89"

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