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SPART Premium Sled is one of the most versatile sleds available on the market. 

Includes the sled harnesses, for both pull and push exercises.

This heavy steel solid welded 95lbs sled trains speed, quickness and explosiveness. Dual point harness attachment provides an even load while pulling, flat bottom rails slide smoothly on most surfaces. 

Can comfortably host up to 415lbs which, added to the sled weight of 95lbs, bring the maximum load to 500lbs. 

  • It features a fully welded frame, multiple strap attachment points, and various handle options. 

  • Three Olympic weight pegs give the user the option of shifting weight distribution. 

  • Two tall, chrome-plated Olympic-sized posts act as additional high handles and are removable. 

  • The low handles are foam-rubber coated for more comfort and grip. 

  • The dual-direction feet are replaceable. An additional frame crossmember adds rigidity and durability, as well as a resting place for kettlebells for more weight. 

  • Available in Black Color. 

  • Weights must be purchased separately. 

  • The design features a fully welded construction which can be utilized on almost any surface type including grass, concrete, dirt, and artificial turf, three chrome-plated plate-stroage pegs, two plate-storage pegs which double as pushing handles and are removable, pivoting dual-directional feet, and four welded eyelets to provide connection points for the pulling straps which come included with the sled.


SPART Premium Sled

$749.99 Regular Price
$649.99Sale Price
  • Size - 47"x45"X35"
    Weight - 95lbs
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