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PREMIUM QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: The Double Circle 1.25” SPART CrossFit rings are crafted to perfection with the best quality wood so they can be incredibly strong and durable. And unlike the usual plastic ones, the wooden rings are completely non-slip so you can have a strong and comfortable grip at all times.

  •  ULTRA CONVENIENT STRAPS: The Olympic SPART rings are very easy to install and they have premium quality ultra-convenient 1.5” strong straps.The straps comes compleate with 4 extra strong carabiners instead of the regular cam buckles.The carabiners and the numbered hook system allows for 4" adjustments; this allows for exacted lengths, preventing the need for minute adjustments.
  • NEVER MISS A WORKOUT: Forget about having to go to the gym for your workout and wasting money on expensive gym memberships. You can now get a killer workout at home and wherever you go with the Double Circle athletic rings. The wooden rings are very compact and lightweight and they come with a convenient travel case, so you can easily carry them! 

Wooden Gym Ring

SKU: CE2102
$99.99 Regular Price
$79.99Sale Price
  • Dia:1.25''        

    Width of strap:1''        

    Length of strap:15'

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